Monstera Toes


Yup. I swapped out palm fronds for some Monstera leaves on these piggies. And yup. I kind of love how they turned out. Oh wait, I kind of always love how any form of tropical toes turn out.

First off, go check out my instagram, because the main reason I painted these is because I’m doing a MASSIVE giveaway with Ipanema sandals (comfy cool sandals I wear 24/7) and Zoya Nail polish (The polish I use in pretty much all my nail art). 

Ok, I also painted them because I’ve just grown to love painting my toes in any crazy tropical or boho manner…and attempting to explain how to do them.

So, here you go. Give it a shot. It’s easy. 

Monstera Print toes.

• Paint toes with a base coast, then use a deep burgundy/juicy deep fallish color. (I used Zoya Tara)

• Monstera leaves: Grab a nail art brush, some opaque bright blue polish (I used Zoya Blu) and paint a bunch of little long blue blobs/leaves all over your toes. Then, to make them a monstera leaf, all you do is go back in with your nail art brush and the deep burgundy/juicy deep fallish color and paint in some notches and dots. 

• Now flowers: grab a dotting tool, and some bright pink or peach polish (I used Zoya Cole) and make flowers by dotting five little dots in a circle. Then go back in with the burgundy and do a dot in the middle. Flowers = Done.

• Little green leaves: The final touch is to go in and paint a few little leaves that are basically thick stripes. I just did a few coming off some flowers and just to fill up any super empty space. (I used Zoya Ceceila)

• Let polish dry a bit, then finish off with a glossy top coat.

Feel free to wear only sandals for at least a week. And go barefoot whenever possible to show them off. 

Even if it’s freezing.


Ipanema hashtag sandals + Zoya nail Polish (Tara, Blu, Ceceilia and Cole) + My happy, oh so sandy, feet. 

*Be sure to enter the Ipanema X Zoya X Goldfish Kiss Giveaway HERE 

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