Gifts. Give these.


Oh yeah, it’s that time. Time for some gifts to give. And not just any group of gifts, ones I think are a little unique, and will cause some major permagrin once unwrapped, or handed over to the recipient with their eyes closed because you ran out of wrapping paper.  

Either way…here you go. (Note: I omitted clothing, swimwear and jewelry, or else this post would be a novel) 

Top to bottom left to right.

• Maka Sea Pillows –  Beaded, embroidered, or screen pilows from Maui that bring a little slice of paradise into any home. Which is always a great thing. Some of my favorites are the reverse sided ones.  And there is no such thing as ever having too many pillows. Ever. 

Who is this good for? Anyone with a roof over their head. And anyone who is missing Hawaii, or wishing they were there. 

• ToeSox – Toesox are one of my latest obsessions, and are great stocking stuffers. They are socks made for yoga, that help all of us sweaty feet people of the world get through our practices with ease. They are brilliant, they are cute, there’s a BUNCH of different styles. Someone in your life needs them. 

Who is this good for? Anyone who does yoga, barre, pilates, or is a sock connoisseur And anyone who has sweaty feet. 

• Rare Hawaiian Honey – This is like the Valentino of the honey world. If Valentino ever went to Hawaii. This is THE best honey ever. It’s raw, organic, and is as good as this sweet sticky oh so good for you stuff gets. They even have gift sets. The lilikoi infused honey is one of the greatest substances on earth.  

Who is this good for? Any foodies, your mom, grandma, and anyone who loves a good cup o’ tea. 

A bkr – These are the most stylish, versatile, easy to take with you anywhere, glass water bottles on the planet. Plus they come in a bunch of fun colors, like neon orange, or mint. I never leave the house without mine, and never knew a water bottle could be so exciting. So yes this is gift worthy. 

Who is this good for? Your friend who has everything, anyone who is a health nut, and really anyone…because we all need water. 

• A roundie towel by the beach people – These large soft and round beach towels that double as a piece of fabric that will make any room or anyone adorned in it instantly a hit, are sold out all over. Because they are just that cool. But you can find some in stock here 🙂

Who is this good for: Any beach lovoer or pals with that boho vibe. 

• Bikini Bird X Samudra Bite Me Pouch – Ok I am biased because I designed this. But it’s reheheheaaally cool. Trust me. It has a shark jaw pattern on one side, and one of my favorite pics from the Maldives on the other. 

Who is this good for? Friends who like sharks, palm trees, or that unorganized friend who really needs a cool pouch to help keep her life in order.

• Frank Gift boxes. – Give a friend a scrub and rub down with frank. They will thank you for it, many many times. My beloved coffee scrub now has an after shower balm…et voila, a perfect gift. It’s a match made in let’s get some seriously soft booties heaven. You can do one balm and one scrub, or a few more scrubs and one rub. Rub and scrub a dub dub.

Who is this good for? People who are hard to shop for, single friends who will appreciate the frank humor, and anyone who likes great body products.

• Garance Doré weekly desk pad. – This brilliant pad of 52 sheets helps anyone write down their weekly to-do list, and keep life in order. And it doubles as a mouse pad. Ok I confess I bought this and it’s a life saver. Yes, a pad of paper can be a life saver. Ok and Garance is the greatest blogger in the world (in my opinion) and I think every office needs some of her briliance.

Who is this good for? Any unorganized friends or family members that you want to drop a subtle hint to, and anyone who appreciates gorgeous paper goods. 

• Island Company Beach sheets – Massive beach sheets are 1: A life saver 2: Can have soooooo many uses it’s incredible. I’ve even used one as wallpaper in our bedroom in Seattle. These are gorgeous, soft, huge, and come in a fun little bag so it’s good for traveling too. And I’ve been waiting to write this for a while… It always feels great to give a sheet. 

Who is this good for? Beach babes and anyone who can appreciate a huge gorgeous textile.

Malie Organics Diffuser – These make any room smell absolutely divine. Your nose will want to eat the scent. Any scent. And whoever receives this gift will be giving you a plethora of out of the blue bear hugs. Yes, they smell that good.  You’ll be reminded of Hawaii. Which is always an amazing thing.

Who is this good for? People who miss Hawaii, or wish they lived somewhere tropical, anyone with a home our apartment they love to buy smell goods for. 

La Vie Boheme Yoga mats – A yoga mat that looks really really really cool, is a really really cool gift to give. So giving someone who is into yoga a really really cool mat is a really really great idea.

Who is this good for? Anyone who does yoga, or someone you want to do yoga so you’ll have someone to go to class with when it’s really busy so you wont be embarrassed when you put your butt in their face. 

…and last but not least:

Fresh sugar lip treatment gift pack – Because this little trio make me oh so happy, and is the best stocking stuffer known to mankind. 

Who is this good for? Anyone with a mouth. Even dudes since there is a non-tinted one. You give him the pack, he keeps one you keep two. Yhatzee.

…and on that note, it’s time for me to start my Christmas shopping. 


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