Gifts. Give ‘em.


It’s the time of year…to give gifts. Lots of them. And I say get excited folks. Why? Because there is a helluva lot of sweet things out there to give people permagrin, which is one of the best things to give someone. And don’t worry, they all aren’t $300 cashmere sweaters. 

Here’s my little roundup. A few of these things I was technically gifted, and they totally made my day. Which I think is a sign of a great gift to give. 

Left to right top to bottom. 

For the new mom, or any mom reallyCocomoon Hawaii Swaddles. – A new line of super soft baby swaddles featuring adorable artwork by Hawaii artist Nicole Ferrara. I mean, really, does it get any cuter than a swaddle with sunrise shells, honu, or a surfing octopus? No it doesn’t. 

For the dude in your life. Any dude. Hydroflask Pints. – If you don’t know about Hydroflask, it’s a line of water bottles that keep your beverages cold for 24 hours, or hot for at least 12. Pretty sure everyone has one in Hawaii. Because they are amazing. Well, now they have pints, so you can pour a nice cold beer in a pint, and it will actually…stay cold. For a long time. I asked my husband (who isn’t the easiet person to shop for) if he thought this was a good gift for dudes. It took him about .65 seconds to respond, YES! They are brilliant. Lots of different color options too.

For the Jewelry Lover, who also likes to get in the water.Surf bracelets by On The Lookout Jewelry – These hand beaded bracelets are 1: that totally cool bright tribal chic vibe, and 2: surf and water friendly, so you never have to take them off. Which I don’t. They also kind of go with anything. Think of them as grown up friendship bracelets. That absolutely rock. 

For the traveler, or gals who just like big bags.Samudra’s new Weekender bags – Samudra, the line of cool tropical photograph clutches (they started this whole genre of clutches) well, they’ve branched out to make… big gas weekender duffle bags. Which are freaking gorgeous. 

For your makeup loving friend, who likes to look tan.Benefit’s Do The Hoola Bronze Kit – Benefit’s gift sets are brilliantly packaged, ok all their makeup is, plus who doesn’t want to look a little sunkissed in the winter? Oh it also contains my all time favorite mascara. It’s basically look tan with great lashes and a hint of cheek stain in a box. You’re welcome. 

For the mom who is freaking out because she can’t seem to get anything doneA Kindred Wrap baby wrap or Ring Sling. These are a blessing, and I mean blessing. These wraps are extremely stylin’, durable, versatile, and are made of some seriously gorgeous fabric. I am all about baby wearing (yup, Levi is a cuddler), and this line is a line that’s based in Seattle, but the founder also used to live in Hawaii. Yet another cool connection. 

For your cool friend with great stylePeppa Hart Art Print – Ok, my cool friends at Bikini Bird find the coolest stuff to sell, like these art prints by Peppa Hart. Mega cool points across the board. Or your friend you gift this to’s wall.

For your scatter brained unorganized yet creative friendThe Naked Minds 6 month diaries. These. Things. Rock. It’s a 6 month journal that’s also an organizer, but filled with inspirational quotes, and it’s also arranged and done in a way that makes you excited to open it up and fill it up each morning while you drink some coffee. Plus it’s designed in Byron, so it’s really really spiffy looking too.

For your friend who is always at the beach, or wishes she wasA beach people roundie. Just get one. They need a picture of one in the dictionary next to rad. If rad is even in the dictionary. I’ll go look it up…

For your friend who is obsesses with her dog. Or for your dog.Beast and Babe Collars and leashes. These are, to be totally blunt, the coolest dog collars and leases I’ve ever seen. They are light weight, have that boho beachy vibe, ethically made, and I guarantee whatever pup receives this gift will be the coolest looking pup at the dog park. Or out walking around. Then, if you REALLY want to impress your K9 loving friend, get them one of these hand made beauties from Little Green Caravan.

…and finally

For anyone who really likes this blog or my artAnything from my society6 page.  Sorry, a little shameless self promotion. But, it’s seriously stocking stuffer heaven. iphone cases, framed art prints, mugs, heck even blankets. Knock yourself out. Oh there’s my new La Luna Rose Fruit collab too.

…and if all else fails. 

There’s always a Visa gift card. 


Cheers to giving out some major doses of permagrin this year.

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