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Here you go. My little art shop,, is back up and running. And it’s better than ever. (Aka it’s super simple and clean.) So if anyone ever wants to buy some art, here you go.

It’s funny. I write about so many companies on here, but when it comes to writing about myself – in terms of diving into selling something I created, my mind goes blank. And I get all shy. So here are just a few thoughts about the whole thing.

1: I was scared s*%tless the first time I posted a painting on here. But buying that little watercolor book was was one of the best things I’ve done. It got me back into painting, which is something I’ve always done, and dreamed of dong for a living. So even if this shop only makes a few bucks a month. It’s cool with me. Thank you all for your encouragement that kept me painting, posting and growing as an artist, and has opened up some amazing doors for me. I owe you guys.


2: I never really have talked about my background in art, so I figured I’d share a blurb from the about page over on the shop:

When I was a kid, I took permanent markers and decorated my parent’s piano keys, found ways to paint anything on anything, and even sold paintings door to door in my neighborhood as a first grader. Thank you Mrs. Pfister for actually buying one.

But art, and being an artist in some form has always been in my veins. It is soothing, it is therapeutic, it’s my happy place.

I’ve studied and trained in different forms all of my life. From a studio in Iowa, to warehouses in Minneapolis, to the canals of Venice (I was actually interviewed for the Venice news and to this date still have no clue what was said), to the countryside in Aix-En-Provence, France (with my backpack and paints in tow).

Well, as life sometimes does, what we love to do gets pushed aside. In my case, it was putting brush to paper or canvas, and my art.

Then, six or so years ago when I started my blog, Goldfish Kiss, I began to regularly sketch and paint again in a cool little watercolor book. As I posted more and more pics of pages and pieces, more and more people would ask if I sold my art, if they could buy a print, or if they could commission me to do a painting for them.

Which I am finally getting around to doing.

So, thanks for supporting my love for art, and helping me get back to doing what I love.

 Now go shop

Just kidding. 

Sort of. // *Everything is made to order, which means I’ll be updating it with new pieces regularly. So if there’s any specific piece you’d love to buy be sure to let me know. 

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