A few faves from year 1

I looked through the archive, and did a little roundup of a few of my favorite posts from year 1, which was hard, because I only post things I reheheeeeally like…

Bikini Facelift. Scruncy booty bottoms

RX Bikini Bod. Want Curves? Lift Heavy.

Cabo. Mikoh. Floatie.

10 Commandments for buying a bikini.

Don’t Wrinkle, Wear Sunscreen.

Beach Beauty. Neon and Nude Nails

First Watercolor book post


Beach Beauty: Watermelon Toes

Beach Hair 101; Homemade Salt spray

Skin Apology Note

What I feel like surfing…What I probably look like.

..and finally, This post. Because, for some reason, it makes me smile.

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