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Well, we are almost done moving into our new home, which means my brain is the consistency of overnight oats at the moment, and I’ve made one too many trips to Target. Trust me, I have things I want to write, stuff I need to say, pics that are needed to be taken, crafts that need to be crafted, but when I sit down I kind of melt into a daze where I dream of a bottomless glass of wine. Yay moving.

Pinspirations to the rescue.

It just feels good, or somewhat brain igniting, to scroll through this stuff.

So, aside for the dozens upon dozens of interior design things I’m pinning (Then clicking on and realizing a bedside table costs as much as a trip back to Hawaii, so I decide I can stick with an empty wine crate, or maybe stack some books. Bedside table, done. Aloha Hawaii in February.) Here’s some stuff that gives my brain or eyes a case of butterflies. 

• This scene is so beautiful I could cry. Pure perfection. Even though I wish it was a left. (If anyone knows where this is. don’t say. Let’s keep the lineup looking this way.)

• Don’t be surprised if I buy bodypaint just so I can do stuff like this. It’ll probably be hibiscus instead of a sunflower….yup. Putting body paint on my Amazon wishlist now.

• Some Morgan Harper Nichols Brilliance. Follow her, her words are medicine for the soul. Plus, she just seems like someone I’d love to have coffee with.

• Damn, that’s a gorgeous braid. I have too many layers to ever make it work, but I shall admire it.

• TROPICALPRINTLUST. Yeowza. I want this print in a jumpsuit. Or overalls. Stat. Maybe I’ll attempt a nail art version.

• Whoever wrote this speaks my K9 love language. So true. Dogs rule. I love my Kili pup.

and finally…

• How I plan on dressing up for the holidays. Time to add some glitter to the Amazon wishlist too.


…back to staring at area rugs online, and being baffled at how much they (and all types of home furnishings not from IKEA) cost.

*None of these images are mine. They are all from my Pinterest. Please click on the links above to find the image source or pin. 

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