Salt Gypsy X Goldfish Kiss


Danny of Salt Gypsy is a gem of a human being. She is genuine, creative, full of integrity, and totally rips. So, when the opportunity to collaborate with her on one of her (always sold out because they totally rock) travel wraps arose, I did a jumping fist pump followed by an enthusiastic heck yeah. 

We also happened to finalize the design while in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on our surf trip in The Maldives.

Best board meeting ever.

So, we are thrilled to introduce the Salt Gypsy X Goldfish Kiss travel wrap.

It’s limited edition. It’s bright. It’s fun. It’s soft. It’s huge. And you’ll find more uses for this sucker than you ever though possible.

And…you can buy it online at my NEW little shop, or over at

Yep. When Danny and I put our heads together, rad things happen.

Maybe another board meeting halfway across the world should happen soon. 


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