Cheers to Six

Well, I’ve officially been blogging for six years now. Honestly, if it weren’t for tumblr emailing me a notice, I wouldn’t have known. I knew I started it sometime in December, I just tend to forget the exact date. Typical.

In past years, I did something special, like wear a bikini and rain boots or something. I wasn’t really prepared this year, so I just took five minutes to actually do my hair and makeup (I somehow have this retro Goldie Hawn thing going on right now. Totally diggin it.) and snapped some pics next to my favorite wall in our home. (That also was the only place in our home with good lighting at the time. Hallelujah.) 

But really, time flies when you are having fun and have no clue what you are going to post each day. So thank you all for joining me on this crazy, salty, and hopefully uplifting, and colorful ride. I like to think that something about this site resonates with people in a different way than most blogs, and I am just so grateful for anyone that has been drawn to my tropical vibed healthy & artistic randomness. You all have gotten me back into my art, you keep me writing, being creative, and make me realize I’m not crazy. But am just carpe-ing the diem in any way possible, big and small. Beach or landlocked. 

Anyone who has ever written me an email, comment, or message saying that you read my blog, or that I’ve impacted you in a positive manner in any way whatsoever, I’m sending you a virtual bear hug, because they tend to make my day and get me all choked up. In a very good way. 

That’s my #1 goal. Not crying, but impacting and reaching people. Even if its just showing you cool aloha print leggings, spreading the love about a cool company, making you feel better in a bikini, or a poem, or a new coffee recipe….gosh this blog REALY is all over the place. Kind of like me. 

I thought after I moved away from Hawaii (over three years ago) everything was going to fizzle. If there’s one tip I have for anyone, it’s stick with it, keep going, find your unique voice, do your thang, and keep creating. Doors will open, or better yet, smiles and a plethora of warm fuzzies will happen.

Cheers to six. 

…and hopefully many more.

Thanks for keeping me going.

Sidenote: Somehow being on The Today Show is my #2 goal. I’ve watched/listened to it religiously while working in the mornings since starting this blog. I want to hug Al Roker and have a drink with Kathy Lee and Hoda. Random fact you now know about me.

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