Goldfish Kiss x Flash Tattoos

They’re heeeeere!

Introducing Goldfish Kiss x Flash Tattoos. A collection of metallic, jewelry inspired temporary tattoos, designed…by yours truly. They are tropical. They make you want to roll around in the sand. They are rad. I even threw in my palm tree tattoo, so we all can be twins.

So, say adios to worrying about losing any beloved bling when surfing, swimming, traveling or cannonball-ing. Or, feel a bit more warm, chic, and salty…simply by slathering on a few. 

I am thrilled, stoked, and rather excited about these designs, the collaboration, and how they all turned out. In fact, I am covered in them right now. And am putting a plumeria bracelet on my mom.

Goldfish Kiss x Flash Tattoos. Available online at, you guessed it… 


Bikinis by:  Kai Lani and Lychee

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