Gray In The House


I’ve been a fan of Gray Malin’s work ever since…I first laid eyes on some of Gray Malin’s work. His clean, colorful, and creative photography of some of my favorite travel destinations, beaches, and bodies of water had me at hello (in the language of whatever country he was in when he took that pic). 

So, you can probably imagine the jumping fist pump, and high pitch squeal of delight I did when I was able to be one of the first people to have a framed image from his new collection of photos from St. Barths on our wall.

I am staring at it now as I type this (sorry, had to look down at the keys a few times). It’s a bird’s eye view of a surfer riding a wave on shallow reef break. It has Gray’s serene yet fun and adventurous vibe that I adore. And it seriously makes the entire room somehow feel put together. Which says a lot. 

Art is oh so sweet like that.

Gray, I am not worthy. But man oh man, do I sure love it. Thank you. 

And suddenly have an urge to go to St. Barths. 

Don’t think I am the only one though. The collection is just that rad.

Pics, from top to bottom: Where I hung the print in our home. That wall used to be totally bare. // Giving Levi his first art lesson. He already has great taste. // I pretty much have moved my “studio” to our kitchen table, which is where this party’s at. // Pre-mess-making documentation // Kili. Because she’s my beach pup, and she wanted to get in a pic too. 

Fun post over on Gray’s blog about our print and the collection // His New St. Barths collection // My Print // 

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