Green Dream + Greenlee. Get your greens.


It’s pretty sweet to find companies that 1: Make sweet beach gear, and 2: Are making an über conscious effort to help out the environment when making their rather sweet beach gear. So, say hello to two companies helping us get our greens, Greenlee Swim and Green Dream Clothing Company. 

Greenlee Swim:

Meet the LRB (Little Recycled Bikini). Greenlee is a line of mix and match bikinis that are made out of 100% recycled nylon. Well, these little recycled bundles of radness also happen to be unbelievably well constructed, fit like a glove, and the fabric is nothing short of luxurious…which is pretty cool since it’s, well, all recycled. 

I also happen to be the #1 member of their perfect fitting cheeky bottom fan club. The line is gorgeous, the fit is amazing, and once you feel a pice of it, you’ll want it on your body as much as possible.

Green Dream Clothing Company.

Little known fact: I was born in Indiana and both of my parents went to IU. Well, this beloved state and University also happen to be the home of Green Dream Clothing Company. I love that I can say we have this in common, because their mission is amazing. For every purchase, a tree is planted.  Finally, my soft t-shrt addiction can be put to good use.

So, if you are on the lookout for a new tank (love the one pictured above), tee, or sweatshirt, why not get one and successfully plant a tree in the process…no gardening skills or green thumb needed.  Seems like a sweet deal to me. They also happen to have a pretty entertaining you tube channel, and for every 1,000 video views they get…they plant a tree. Bam! Creativity at its finest.

…Below are a bunch of links where you can follow these two companies to your heart’s content. So, If you need some stylin’ greens in your life, you know where to go.

Make momma earth proud.

Greenlee Swim // Facebook // Twitter @GREENLEEswim // Instagram @GREENLEEswim

Green Dream // YouTube // Facebook // Twitter @greendreamCloCo  

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