H&M Swim 2011 – Cute suits that cost as much as a gallon of gas.

If you are lucky enough to live near a local H&M store or live in a country where you can shop online, as of May 19th, you can pick up one, two, or even four suits from their summer swimwear line. My personal faves; the zipper bandeau, the banana print bikini  and the uber cute jumpsuit. Starting at $4.95 for a top or bottom it’s really a win-win situation. Plus, it’s a cost-effective way to add some mix and match funness to your bikini lineup for summer – that leaves you with extra funds for books, sunscreen, and most importantly…mixed drinks.

Need incentive? Wrap your mind around this. My car gets about 14 miles per gallon, and a gallon of gas is almost $5. So for every 14 miles I bike, I earn a new piece of swimwear, and get a little exercise on the side for that good ‘ol bikini bod. Alas, this summer you can save money, lose weight, be green and look cute…all thanks to H&M.

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