The Knot Hawk


In a never ending quest to style my lob, preferably in some sort of updo, that’s not a top knot (because it ends up being just a wee little top knob), or anything with a french braid…I did some experimentation.

With knots. Because I like tying my hair in knots. (See exhibit A and B)

And well, it turned out pretty messy, stayed put, and looked rather rad.

It’s the Knot Hawk. But really it’s like a knot french braid.

And here’s how to do it.

• First off, make sure your hair has some grit to it. This way it will have some oomph and stay put. I have super straight, fine hair (so NOT fun), so I added some volumizer spray, followed by dry shampoo, and of course, surf spray.

• Now that your hair is nice and duurrtayyy, brush it out really really well. This will save you frustration. Before you tie it in a bunch of knots. Ironic, I know.

• The basic principle is just like you are doing a french braid, (start at the top, pull more hair in from each side as you go) but instead of braiding as you go along and pull more hair in, you are tying your hair into knots. Fun stuff.  

1. Twist and pin back the very front section of your hair. (Yes, like a mini Snookie pouf.)

2. Now, grab the ends of the hair you just pinned back, as well as some hair from each side of your head. Like you are starting a french braid. But two sections, instead of three. 

3. Tie the two sections together, then tie them again, making a double knot. (Sometimes it makes it easier to tie them if you lightly twist each section before attempting to knot.) 

4. Grab another little section of hair from each side, add it to the loose hair, and tie it again, and again.

5. Repeat the grabbing more hair, and tying more knots, then grabbing more hair and tying more knots, until you reach the nape of your neck. 

6. Tie one final knot, then tuck the ends in and pin to secure. If you have really long hair you might just want to leave the ends out in a lose low pony.

7. Pull a few pieces out to frame your face, and give it a little bit of a messy look, and …you are done. 

8. Grab a mirror and feel free to gloat.

Note: When you take it all out, you will have some crazy cool waves. So not only is it an easy to do fun messy do, but it’a a 2-in-1, too.

If I can get around to making a video, since my hair tutorials probably sound like I’m speaking latin or something. I will.

Yeah knotty hair.

Yeah figuring out this Lob.

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