Lifes a beach. Go find one.


Life is full of newness lately: New home, new city, new baby (almost 6 months still counts as new, right?), new job (for my husband), new vibe, new coffee shops, new neighbors.  So. Much. Newness. 

But, what hasn’t changed is my happy place. The beach. Which was numero uno on the places to get to asap checklist. 

Half Moon Bay is a quick 30 minute drive away. And I kind of love it. Dogs are even allowed. Hallelujah. This was a stop on our WA to CA road trip when we moved to LA. I would’ve never guessed we’d be back two years later. To stay. 


So here’s documentation of a bunch of newness. Baby wearing, happy pup, and killer beach hat included.

Excited to get out and explore the coast more, find some good surf spots (rumor is Santa Cruz is our best bet), and maybe once we get settled in I’ll do a once a week outing to a new place on the coast. I’m rather excited to check out the Marin coast and do some day trips to San Fran. And go back to Big Sur. Someone out there hold me accountable to this.  


This could all turn out to be pretty sweet.

*I highly suggest taking a moment to check out Hemlock Hat co. They are a line of new beach hats. You know the big straw ones old dudes wear? Well they made them cool. Like, really cool. And I think they’re brilliant. And they are a gigantic help in my mission to not have my face look like a handbag when I turn 40. High five.  

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