The Sendoff

I managed to sneak out to Half moon Bay last week for one final sendoff before life was packed up into a suitcase and a bunch of cardboard boxes. To say this place has been a haven for me of some sort, would be an accurate description. Geographical soulmate is another one too. 

Pretty sure Kili Shares the same sentiment.

Regardless, it was just the kind of sendoff I needed. It had rained for what felt a week straight, was sunny but cold and really windy, there was a massive swell and it was close to high tide. So it was just me, Kili, and another friend I met who thinks it’s totally normal to go walk her pups on days like this. 

Levi fell asleep on the way over, and my mom was in town to help with the move, so Kili and I just hiked down and ran together for a while. It felt so odd not having a baby on my back, which also made me feel like Usain Bolt. 

There’s just something about this place that made me feel so small and powerless, yet invigorated, alive and refreshed. And this day just seemed to amp up all those senses. Yay Nature. You rock like that.

Yes, tears were shed, and I liked to think that all the foam coming up the beach splashing my legs… was this beach giving me a kiss goodbye. 

Before I walked up the cliffs, I said a prayer thanking God for this place, all of the food it fed my soul, and for me to find a place like this in our new home.

…and knew I’d be back. Even if it’s for a trip, since there’s an amazing Ritz Carlton about a half a mile away. Not in the budget, but hey, I’ll make it work someday. 

Hopefully they allow dogs.

Pics, top to bottom: View from above – Massive waves, and I spy a little rainbow. // Don’t worry I didn’t go for a swim // Splashin in With Love From Paradise leggings. These suckers are sweet. // Kili and her soulmate, Barkley, being the crazy pups that they are // Some final salty Kili kisses. 

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