Four Half Up Top Knots


Maybe I need something to do to my hair regularly, other than a top knot. Or, I just really like only pulling back the hair in front of my face and on top of my head. Or maybe, I kind of like looking like a teletubby. But lately, I am all about the half up top knot do’s.

So here are my four favorites, how to do them, and what mood/situation they are good for.

And yes, they are all super easy.

*It does help if your hair is a bit dirty. This stuff is kind of amazing at achieving some dirtiness, without making your hair greasy. 


1: The loop

This is the most used/seen ‘do of this genre. Mainly because it’s super easy, and in my opinion, flattering. To do it: Simply grab the section of hair that’s on top of your head, then with a hair tie make a pony tail out of that hair, but on the last loop, don’t pull you hair all the way through. In fact, only pull it through a little bit, then leave the ends sticking out to the front or side.

It’s great for: The beach, when your hair is messy and you want to show it off but not worry styling the front, or you want to feel like your favorite Australian style muse.


2: The braid bun 

I came up with this one out of frustration of not being able to french braid the top of my head. And thought it was a good compromise. To do it: Grab the section of hair that’s on top of your head, loosely braid it to one side, wrap the ends into a loose bun, and pin back towards the crown of your head.

It’s great for: Taking care of the hair on top of your head in a somewhat elegant manner, and for those of us who suck at french braiding, but like messy braided do’s.


3: The loose bun

Aka the “elegant” ‘do out of the bunch. Really, it can be dressed up or down, and is the least likely to resemble an antenna on top of your head. Probably because it’s positioned a little bit further back on your head. Yup, that’s it. I like this one, even though it’s hard to get a picture of. To do it: Grab the section of hair that’s on top of your head, then pull it back towards the crown of your head, and twist into a loose bun. Pin in place with a few bobby pins…done.

It’s great for: An easy half up half down do that’s not too fancy, when you want to wear your hair down, but also want a little oomph on top (without looking like this). Or if you want to look like Emily Ratajkowski. Which is always a fun thing to attempt.


4: The knot

No hairdo roundup is complete without some sort of hair knot. This is my favorite and most frequently used, because it’s just a mini top knot. I pretty much wear my hair in a top knot all the time, so yes, I like mini top knots too. To do: Grab that section of hair on top of your head, twist, and tie it in a knot. If you have (been blessed with) thick hair, pin in place. Otherwise, it should stay put for a while. Especially if your hair is salty and dirty, which mine tends to be.

It’s great for: Beach days, lazy days, coffee runs, the dog park, sunconsciously doing your hair while you work, and pretty much anything.  


There you go. High five for half up half down, top of your head, knotty do’s.

Time to take my hair out of a top knot and put it back into one of these.

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