There was about a half an hour where the combo of the position of the sun (4:35pm), time of year (End of January), Location (at my parents house in Colorado) and just the right amount of high thin clouds made the lighting of the day turn to be of the 24 karat golden variety. It was golden hour super sized.

So, I snapped some pics. Then sat by a fire pit in my parents back yard and soaked it all up. 

Golden hour in the Rockies, with a side of stripes, blush colored chunky knits, messy hair, old worn out Uggs, and, of course, a beach bum.

Love these pics. Here’s a few of my favorites.

Outfit Deets: Sweater and cropped striped pants are both from HATCH – A Line of clothing that’s made to be worn before, during and after pregnancy. Basically it’s all comfy, chic, roomy and stretchy. It’s brilliant. Thank you Hatch gals. // Beach Bum bar necklace by Kate Davis. Aka my name tag.

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