Five ways a gigantic beach bag

Five ways a gigantic beach bag can simplify your life.

1: You rarely forget anything: Since it is so immense in size, you can carry all of your day to day needs in it, and therefore do not have to scramble around the house before you leave trying to find and remember things. 

2: It’s a 3-in-1 carry on. This past weekend, I fit my actual purse, as well as a camera bag, and all my items from #1 above (minus any liquids over 3oz) all into this lovely purple bag I heart so much. That counts as 1 personal carry on in TSA world. Winning!

3: You only need to carry 1 thing to the beach, pool, boat, etc: This is a common situation for me. Everything is all loaded up out of the car, and you are headed to the beach for the day. Then, you drop your keys, which causes you to have to bend over to grab then, which causes your towel to fall on the ground, then your (small) beach bag slides off of your shoulder, and your sunglasses fall off your face while you are attempting to grab the aforementioned keys, towel and (small bag). Gigantic bags fit everything and there’s only one strap to hold. No domino effect, and dropped keys do not equal scratched sunglasses. Lesson learned.

4: Who cares what you are wearing. The bag makes the outfit. A big bag = less worrying about what the heck to wear. All eyes tend to go on the bag first. Queue the dress simple hallelujah chorus. Cutoffs, a white tee, and a rather large & bright bag…you’ll be on someone’s pinterest style board in no time. Mine included.

5: Doubles as a GREAT shopping bag. Little eco totes are great, so are reusable shopping bags. However, a gigantic beach bag could hold a week’s worth of produce from the farmer’s market, a trip to Trader Joe’s, a few items from costco, and a new bikini, if you feel like stopping to do some non edible shopping.

So in the world of beach bags, please feel free to super size me.

Hayden Ries Bag // Ola Feroz Bikini // Scmyk Bracelet

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