Hibiscus Toes

I love hibiscus – Painting them, having them in our yard (somehow I’ve managed to keep two different bushes alive for three months now. This is a miracle), and of course, wearing them in my hair. So I figured it was time I put some…on my toes.

These were actually inspired by a this instagram pic. (It might not look anything like it, but the colors do. Sort of.) But still, these piggies make me happy, and my toes are feelin’ some tropical love once again

I would try to make a tutorial video, but I do these hunched over sitting on my living room and it’s kind if impossible to film. I’ll keep on trying though…

Also, I finally invested in a $10 nail art kit, and it made painting these a helluva a lot more fun. It’s the little things I tell ya. 

Ok, directions…

• Paint toes with a base coat, then use an opaque navy color and paint two coats as the background color.

• Grab a nail art brush and some opaque yellow polish and paint the hibiscus petals. To do this, paint 5 petals that are totally different widths and shapes, with a little space in between each petal. (*If your petals blob together, grab your nail art brush and some navy polish and go in and paint some space in between the petals.)

• I liked to do one big hibiscus on the big toe with three or so little ones, then one little one with maybe an extra petal or something peeking through on all the other, much smaller, toes.

• Now grab some dark green polish and paint a few leaves on the sides of each flower.

• Next, grab a dotting tool and some bright red polish, and do little dots in the middle of each hibiscus.

• This part is optional (I only did a few on some of the hibiscus) but grab your nail art brush and some white polish and paint a long stamen shooting out from the middle. Then do a few dots (with the dotting tool) at the end of it with the red polish. 

• Let polish dry and top with a glossy top coat.


No closed toed shoes allowed for a few days, so you can show them off. And because it’s always summer…on your toes…if there’s flowers on them. 

All the polish used is by Julep or Zoya // More nail art aqui

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