Oh hey, high neck.


High neck bikini tops are quite a problem solver. Don’t want your boob to slip out…slip on a high neck. Want to look a little chic & tough without much effort…bring your bikini neckline up about 6 inches or so. Don’t want your chest to end up looking like a handbag…cover up with a higher neck.

Being a person who throws a bunched up t-shirt over her chest after about 5 minutes in the sun, doesn’t really like having a boob fall out when surfing, and likes to look remotely tough and chic…I think I am a fan of this trend.

So, here are a few for you to peruse.

1: Made By Dawn. Dawn has been making these tops for a while, and well, they all rock. Any print, any color. And thankfully, Nicole Richie showed us all how to wear them on and off the beach.

2: Forever 21. In case you want to try out the trend without spending more than 15 bucks.

3: Mikoh. This top is quite a jaw dropper. I am just a wee bit in love with it. Plus it has long ties. Swoon.

4: Made by Dawn…Again. What can I say, Dawn knows how to make a high neck bikini. And this one is quite a little boobalicious beauty.

5: Lisa Maree. This suit is sold out everywhere. So Lisa, wherever you are, please make it again soon, and in the red. Gracias.

6: N.L.P. Women. This reminds me of the dress Heidi Klum wore last night at the Emmys. Ok, and it’s neon orange Neoprene. Be still my heart.

7: Muther. Chevrons, cute cut, and it’s on sale. Boom.

8: Minimale, Animale. I’ve been admiring this one from afar from a while now. Simple, covered, but still quite fierce. Rawr.

High neck, hi style, bye beaucoup de problems.

If you know of any others, feel free to let me in the comments below.

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