Festive Toes


The tradition continues. Yes painting my toes in an ugly sweater type of fashion is officially my yearly deal. (Usually while watching Christmas Vacation or Love Actually. Or technically listening to it.) I might’ve painted these while drinking a festive holiday cocktail, hence the extra relaxed looking snowman. I also might not have a Christmas tree yet. But I do have some rather festive toes.  

But really. The little Santa Hat toes. Gosh, I love this tradition, and excuse to go barefoot even though it’s freezing out.

So, grab a warm holiday beverage, turn on your favorite flick, grab a bunch of polishes, and deck your piggies with a buttload of fun holiday motifs. Bonus points if you wear a Santa hat during the process. 

Fa la la la la yay nail art.   

• Basically, I embraced my indecisiveness, picked five different designs, and did a different toe on each foot with that motif. So here’s the break down of each toe. Promise each was easy and just involved strategic dots and imperfect lines or something.

Snowman toes: Paint a different toe on each foot white. Then grab a nail art brush and some peach/orange polish, and paint a long skinny triangle pointing to one side. This is the nose. Now grab some gray or black polish, and do two dots for the eyes, and then a bunch of little dots below the nose for the mouth. It’s ok if your snowman looks crosseyed or confused, like mine. I kind of love it. 

Candy cane print toes: Paint a different toe on each foot light blue. Now grab a nail art brush and white polish and paint the candy canes (aka upside down and backward j’s) in random places on the toes. Grab a nail art brush again and some red polish and paint little stripes on the candy canes. Finally, grab a dotting tool and do some little dots to fill in the empty space a bit. This is optional. I just felt like being an overachiever.

Santa hat toes: Paint a different toe on each foot beige (or you can use clear polish too). Paint the top 1/3rd red, with a little upside triangle off to one side (this is the hat + the top of the hat drooping part). Now grab a dotting tool and do little white connected dots along the red line up until you get to the upside down triangle part. Then, just put a dot at the bottom triangle tip, this will be that santa hat ball. (This is alllll over pinterest, here’s an example.)

Holly toes. Paint a different toe on each foot black/gray. Then paint a few little v’s on the toe that face different directions. Grab a dotting tool and paint a few little red dots right where the lines meet. 

and finally..

Wrapping paper toes: Paint a different toe on each foot red. Then go in with a dotting tool and put little white and light blue dots. Saved the easiest one for last. Which helps because I’m usually crosseyed by this point. 

• Let polish dry, then top with a glossy top coat…and a partridge in a pear tree.

• Now kick up your feet, relax and think of ways to show of your festive piggies, and not wear closed toe shoes for a week.

…even if it’s freezing.

I used colors by Zoya and Julep. All are non-toxic. Yay.

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