Beach Beauty: Homemade lip plumper

A big ol’ plump set of smackers. There are a lot of glosses, injections, fillers, and who knows what else out there promising give you lips that look like they could burst. But I prefer a natural plumper that doesn’t cost $30, and I know exactly what’s in it causing the increase in volume. Alas, if you have some spare time, here’s a recipe to whip up for some temporary, yet almost instant plumpification.

DIY Homemade Lip Plumper

Mix together:

1. Aquaphor, or a plain clear gloss as the base

2. A few drops of Liquid Vitamin B6,

3. A few drops of Liquid Niacin

4. A drop of Cayenne pepper (you might be able to get away with tabasco or tapatio)

5. Drops of Peppermint, Cinnamon Leaf, or Clove oil

6. For color and shimmer – add in some loose powder blush or shimmer.

7. A dash of honey

Mix until smooth, and spoon into an empty lip balm pot or jar.

Test on a small patch of skin before slathering on your lips.

Other DIY plumpers that I do not recommend and have experienced first hand:

1: Sunburn lips (My fault)

2. Getting hit in the mouth by a surfboard (Also my fault)

3. A bee sting literally smack dab on the center of your lips resulting in way too much volume, and a trip to the emergency room after realizing you are allergic. (Great Story. Maybe I’ll post the pic here someday)

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