Beach Beauty: Honey Face Wash


On a recent trip, I forgot to pack some sort of face wash (and a toothbrush, of course). Lucky for me, I happened to be meeting up with my mom who happens to have a mild obsession with honey. She can recite all of its medicinal benefits off the top of her head, and also convinced me to use honey as face wash for the entire week. The Verdict?

Honey is the tastiest, soft skin inducing soap around. If you even want to call soap. It worked like a charm, and after a week of using it, my husband told me my skin has never felt so soft. Swoon.

So here’s how you use it:

Get face wet.

Use about a dime size of honey and scrub a dub, just like you do with soap.

Leave on for a minute or two, then rinse off with water and a washcloth.

**If you want a great natural scrub, add a little sugar (about a teaspoon full) into the mix twice a week. 

Here’s why it is so sweet. Pun intended:

• It has natural antibacterial qualities.

• It is great for every skin type.

• It is very hydrating, but also manages to absorb excess oil. Not sure how that’s possible but it is.

• It helps heal scars and acne

• You can pronounce every ingredient. I hope.

…finally, some soap we won’t mind washing our mouth out with. F*#%*n sweet.

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