Easy Pareo Pants


There was a free “how to tie a pareo” demonstration at the resort we stayed at In Moorea. I understand this sort of thing might not be on everyone’s to do list in Moorea, but I thought it was sheer entertaining and enlightening brilliance.

Anywho, we learned about 20 ways to tie a pareo. I remembered about…3. One of which, the instructor, Yvette, pulled me aside afterwards to show me how. I must have had the I like to wear harem pants vibe going on.

So here’s how to make some super hammerlicious pareo pants:

1: Fold your Pareo in half width wise, inside out.

2: put the fold in between your legs so that fold is stretched out perpendicular to your torso. (front is in front of your stomach, and the back is, you know, back in front of your bootie.)

3: Hold the pareo fold in place with your knees, and

4: Grab the top 2 corners on your left side, and tie together, making a knot at the side of your hip.

5: Repeat on your right side, tying the top 2 corners together, making a knot at the side of your hip.

6. Adjust the knots so the inseam is even, and the pant legs are an even length. And you are done.

Please sens all thank you’s to Yvette at the Sofitel Moorea. She’s a sweetie.

I realize this probably made no sense. So I’ll post a video (which should be rather entertaining) or will post a link if I find a video explaining it.

…But in the mean time, give it a shot. looks cute with a breezy tank at the beach 🙂

Bikini top By L*Space

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  • Putting pics up of each step would be better. I’m a more visual learner. I love your clothing diys, especially the backless tank top!! Thank you for sharing.