Hair Flip 101


In case you don’t know, now you’ll know. Because the hair flip (especially when captured in a pic) is a good skill to have… 

• Stand in body of water that is about waist deep.

• Hold your breath, bend knees and go underwater.

• Hunch over and make sure all your hair is going forward.

• In a smooth/somewhat graceful manner, while keeping your arms at your sides, jump up out of the water and flip your hair back.

• Have a friend snap a photo during the jump up/flip back step. If they can do it on quick fire/sports mode/whatever it’s called, even better.

• Post it as your new profile pic, because hair flip pics are pretty flippin cool.

Flippin cool photo of me taken by Salt Gypsy + Liquid Destinations

Ola Feroz kini 🙂 

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