Mini Ice Cream Nails


I love ice cream. I also love painting my nails. However, it has to be something quick because polish tends to only last 24-48 hours, max. If I’m lucky. (Picking problem and I love being in the water). So, I figured I’d try to combine two things I love into one easy DIY pedicure. Ice cream and nail art.

And I kind of love it. Trust me, I just looked at my fingers when I typed that sentence. They’re dainty, fun, not too crazy, took less than 5 minutes, and well, it has to do with ice cream. 

So here’s how to give it a go. I mean a dip. 

• Paint nails a light opaque color, and paint one nail a different light opaque color if you want an accent nail.

• Using a nail art brush and some dark brown polish, paint a small tiny triangle “cone” at the base of each nail. If you have a lighter beige paint a few tiny striped to give it some texture. This it totally optional.

• Now the fun part…the Ice cream scoops: Using a dotting tool, paint 3-4 dots on top of each “cone”. I use a ball point pen and dip it in a blob of polish on some cardboard or thick paper, then dot my nail. 

• You can do all one color, but I like to keep it real, and did a different color combo of ice cream dots on each nail. Because when I go out for ice cream, you know I get at bunch of different flavors. Gelato…don’t get me started.

•Let polish dry a little, then paint with a glossy top coat.

Then look at your hands and smile. 

But maybe have some restraint and don’t lick them.

Polish by Julep and Zoya (All 4 free. Yippee.)

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