IndieSwim. Caribbean roots, oh so sweet suits.


I haven’t been to the Caribbean since my family went on a trip to the Dominican Republic when I was in 6th grade. Well, I’m due to for another trip. Mainly so I can experience, first hand, what inspired the delectable bunch o’ bikinis known as IndieSWIM.

IndieSWIM is a line of mix and match functional swimwear, that’s made by two ocean & beach loving friends, and also has a bit of flair. I’m all about this combo. The suits fit like a glove, make your bootie look might fine, and have a little extra bit of shazam. Let me clarify shazam: A strategic ruffle, perfect earthy yet bold print, lots of long ties that you can braid, knot, or let hang loose, adjustable cheeky bottoms, even some reversible styles…and everhing’s reasonably priced. Yeah, shazam.

Whenever I wear the Caneel TopBathsheba Boyshorts or Delray Bottoms (pictured above),  I feel like doing the Mambo.

Maybe I need to find out exactly which Islands they are inspired by before I book my trip. 

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**When each new collection is released, IndieSWIM also chooses a non-profit organization that inspires them and their line, and they give back. This season’s charity is Surfers for Autism, and you can read more about what they are doing, here.  Too cool.

Indie Swim on Facebook // Twitter @indieSWIM // Instagram @indieswim 

Jewelry by Long Lost jewelry & Jemma Sands.

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