Another book in the books.

It took a few years, but I recently filled up another watercolor book. Important fact: I 112% owe my career today as an artist, getting back into art, and lots of stuff I’ve learned in watercolor…to filling up these books. About 10 years ago, I stumbled on Kimberly Gordon’s (of zee Wildfox radness) blog, where she shared pages from her watercolor book. Those posts inspired me to pick up a book, get back into painting, and teach myself how to watercolor. She even posted where to buy one online – I made the impulse buy, it was shipped to me in Hawaii and that’s all she wrote folks. (First page/painting I ever shared is here. Whoa.)

So you bet yer bums I’m sharing pages from this latest book fill up. If it happens to inspire someone, somewhere to start doing the same…mission accomplished.

This book’s been on all my travels with me, and survived a full cup of coffee being spilled on it (Thankfully it only damaged the edges of half the pages). It is just a colorful mess that’s filled with mistakes, fun, and mindless sketching that led to some a-ha moments.

Which is just what a sketchbook should be.

So, I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite pages. And if you’re feeling a little nudge in your soul to pick up one and start painting, let me be the first to say, it’s worth every penny.

And, ironically these exact books (they’re called a handmade Punjab watercolor book) Seem to be discontinued or sold out everywhere. Google it and you might score one, still. But, on the bright side – I just picked up a NEW kind of book (A Reflections watercolor journal) that I’m rather pumped to start filling up because the paper is divine – and it’s still compact/travel and sketch compatible. You can also pick one up at my favorite online art shop, here.

That’s it. This is a long one, but man oh man this kind of stuff is fun to share.

Yay art. Especially sketchbooks you can watercolor in.

Now…onto the pages…

More art posts aqui. 

*Art shop (which is the result of all of these sketches) =

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