In the mood. For a mood

In the mood. For a mood board.

It was a zone out for a little bit and make a mood board type of afternoon. 

Which is totally an alright thing to be. 

Making these things is quite therapeutic, and it’s kind of cool to see them develop a theme while you make it. It’s almost as if these suckers take on a personality of their own without you realizing it. 

If you want to make a mood board (ahem, you should try) here’s three easy ways:

1: Grab a corkboard, and continue to pin things to it that inspire you: Print outs, cut outs from magazine, photos, fabrics, ticket stubs, etc.

2: Instead of a cork board, paste it on some paper, or fill up a notebook.

3: Throw a bunch of images in some sort of photo editing software (I use Photoshop) and….have fun.

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