57 And Sunny

It’s that time of year when the beach looks like the Bahamas and the water is ridiculously clear, but it’s 57 degrees out. It’s fascinating, beautiful, and usually involves very few other people out and about enjoying this visually and mentally soothing spectacle. 

These are some of my absolute favorite days. 

…For those exact reasons. 

So pictured above = Me soaking it all up. Wearing jeans a sweater to the beach, but still being barefoot is one of those simple, hard to explain joys. 

Not pictured = Levi running and playing soccer on a wide open empty white beach (He always ran out of frame by the time the auto timer went off on my camera. I don’t blame him) BUt you can bet I’ve got a great mental picture of that scene. 

It’s not like this every day ( I’m currently staring at nothing but gray and wind outside), but when it is, you know where to find us. 

Wearing MOTHER Sweater and Weekender Fray Disco Dolls Jeans // MAI bodysuit + Otis shades  

Pics edited using the Huji Cam app. Love this thing. 

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