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With my first ever bikini collaboration coming to and end tomorrow (yup the flamingos are limited edition folks) I thought it was a good time to sit down and throw some fun questions at Jessica Garcia. She’s the beautiful Venezuelan bikini crafting goddess behind Ola Feroz, who I’ve gotten to know and definitely call a friend. 

…with bikini makin’ benefits. 

But seriously, she’s sweet, gorgeous, determined, talented, and has a unique thing going on with Ola. There’s a cool blog post about more of the details and specifics here, but for now…here’s a little Q&A with queen bikini addict herself, Jessica Garcia of Ola Feroz.

Ok, for anyone who doesn’t know, tell us a little bit about how your bikini masterpieces began, and how Ola Feroz started.

Growing up I’ve always had a niche for how things should fit. I was picky about clothes and shopping was and still is so annoying for me. I took it upon myself to learn how to make bikinis so that I could have them just they way I liked them. I started making them and selling them from my apartment until I was able to afford to open up a store. My Venezuelan roots have much to do with my success. Growing up I was always inspired by the Venezuelan beach culture and the beautiful women who would wear beautiful bikinis that I could never find in the US.

Ola Feroz is definitely a niche and unique operation. What’s your favorite part about it? What sets it apart?

My favorite part about Ola Feroz is the team we’ve built. Everyone that works with us loves what they do. They are all inspirational and very talented and going to work everyday is always fun and productive. What sets Ola Feroz apart from other companies is our craftsmanship and word of mouth following. Each suit is individually made from start to finish with the best materials possible. Our customers love and appreciate our swimwear for these reasons.

What’s a typical work day like for you lately? Feel free to divulge your favorite lunch spot. 

My days are spent between our workshop and showroom. I’m constantly checking up on everyone and making sure that our production is on schedule. We’re working on coming out with some new stuff soon so I’ve been spending time on cutting and sewing the suits myself. I get so exited about new prints and solids and anxious on getting them done to see how they turn out. The showroom is a nice break from the craziness. I just sit back when the store is quiet and soak in what we’ve managed to build. When the store is busy I help customers one on one figure out which suits are best for them and giving them my personal opinion on how they should be worn and combined when mixing and matching. If my husband and I can escape from work, we love going to Kapow in Mizner Park. It’s one of our favorite restaurants in Boca.

Then, (this might be a hard one) What’s your favorite bikini you’ve ever made. It’s ok if you need to pick two… 

My all time favorite suit was this one I made with an original knit Missoni fabric. I love classic styles, so I made it in a slide triangle top and string bottom. The fabric was super difficult to work with, but once it was made, it was perfection. If I had to pick one from today’s collection (Spring Remix 2015), it would be the Naufraga bikini in Blanco. I can’t have enough white bikinis.

Fun random question time: 

You never leave the house without: my smartphone, wallet, and Doggy Garcia. I take him everywhere. He is basically my shadow.

Ok, your dream beach vacation is: Sailing on my future catamaran to Los Roques and you are sitting on a beach wearing a Naufraga Bikini in Blanco and drinking bubbles (champagne).

Last but not least, any quotes you love or are living by lately?

Work hard, play harder. My husband’s quote is, “A bikini is the closest thing to you being naked in public, why not invest in the best?”

Well, gracias for making us all look freaking fantastic when nearly naked in public Jess. You rock, excited about our collab….and what we have up our sleeves next.

Hand crafted fits like a glove radness at // Latest suit styles at their instagram @olaferozswimwear 

And yeah, last day to pick up some of our flamingos…is mañana. 

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