Jolyn Swimwear. Tell a Friend.

Meet Jolyn. A line started in 2007 by some water loving swimwear connoisseurs, aiming to make durable, flattering, and affordable suits for their “hyper-aquatic-ripping friends”. The company has grown a huuuuuuuge loyal fan base, solely by word of mouth. Tell a friend, who tells a friend, who tells a friend…who tells a random gal in Hawaii who writes about bikinis…who then becomes a fan and writes about it.

Proof word of mouth is still the best advertising.

A few details. The line is completely mix and match. Pick out your top and bottom, in whatever size and color, then bam… a few days later a soft, durable, water activities friendly, made in the US of A bikini is at your doorstep. The best part. The separates are super cute and run for about $25 each. To whoever the hyper aquatic ripping friends are that inspired this miraculous line, might I take this time to thank you.

Time to grab a bikini at…then make sure to tell a friend.

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