Pen Paper and Pouch


“She’s not sun-kissed, she kisses the sun. She grew her own roses before she was ever given one…” – These are a few lines from a poem I wrote while sitting on the beach years ago. I still have the notebook, and smile whenever I look at the page where I wrote it – scribbles, dashes, rewrites and all. I loved the process, and can honestly remember laying down and using my notebook to block out the sun as I scribbled the words. Then would lie down, think of the next line and scribble some more.

There’s a whole point to this, promise…and it’s this pouch.

Putting pen to paper, whether it’s writing, scribbling, doodling or sketching, is a necessity. It’s therapeutic for me. And the busier I get, or the more time I need to spend using technology, the more I crave it. 

So, I am thrilled to partner up with two companies I love (and ladies I admire) AllSwell, and Samudra, on this journaling pack

The image on the pouch is one of my favorite pics – one of those serendipitous underwater, unplanned moments. Then, there are a few lines from my “That girl” poem printed on the inside. There’s also an AllSwell Journal, where half of it is lined for writing, and the other half is blank for sketching.

We made this pack in hopes that you’d be inspired to sit down and create – whatever that means to you. You know, just inspire yourself for a while, and give your brain butterflies at the beach, in a park, at a coffee shop, or in bed in your pj’s. It also turned out pretty rad, so it’s a good looking thing to lug around anywhere too. 

The pack is available over at, and well, I can’t wait to see what it might inspire. Seriously, please share any sketches poems, or ramblings with me. Stick figures and drawings by kiddos included.

Thanks ladies for collaborating, and cheers to us all putting pen to paper more often.

In a really cool pouch.

…And to many many more poems written while laying down, and using this journal to block out the sun while you dream up the next line.

AllSwell X Samudra X Goldfish Kiss Pack over at 

Oh yeah, the AllSwell Journal has hibiscus stickers on it with more lines from some poems I’ve written. Fun times. (Also, I think my first poem in this new one will have to be about sandy knuckle dimples.) 


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