What do you get when you take two sisters, who happen to live in the heart of South Miami, who also have eleven years running an amazing swimwear boutique, and therefore have a deeply embedded love (and first hand knowledge) of bikinis? Well, you get a rather killer swimwear line called Kai Lani.

Kai Lani is Hawaiian for heavenly sea, yet, in my world, it also is bikiniese for heavenly oh so rad bikinis….to wear in the sea.

Sister’s Jessica Sierralta & Jordana Schulte are the brains and brawns behind this delicious line. And you can tell they know bikinis. These bikinis fit like a glove, are extremely well made, and have an amazing attention to detail, fabric, and fit.

Just take this famous grateful dead braided bikini for example. (Pictured above for all of you who wanted to know what the back looks like) Or the SI approved cut out ‘kini.  Jaws, they be a-droppin’.

A little bit of ruching here, a bead there, a pop of color there, some long braided ties brushing on your derriere. You’ll want to fly to South Beach just to say gracias to these sisters. 

Kai Lani. Heavenly sea. Heavenly Bikini. Kinda rhymed. Either way, amazing line.

Available at: Kai Lani // Mermaids boutique

Kai Lani on Facebook // Twitter 

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