Kali ‘Kinis from the land of Kiwis

What happens when you take a surfer & designer from New Zealand, an artist, a year of living in a bikini, lots and lots of time surfing, and make a swimwear line? You get Kali, an amazing new line by surfer/designer/bikini guru/traveler extraordinaire, Kelly Clarkson.

For years, Kelly was a sponsored junior surfer in New Zealand before becoming a wetsuit designer for Rip Curl in Australia. After resigning from her job a couple of years ago, and embarking on a surf mission around Central America in which she literally lived in a bikini (ahhhh sounds nice), Kelly realized the need for swimwear that stays on in the surf, and doesn’t look like you are training for the next olympics. Thus, Kali was born.

The bikinis all have a cheeky cut (less fabric = less chance of getting depantsed. Very true) and the tops work with any bust size. Plus, all the tops either cross over at the back, or are bra-strap-like, nothing ties around the neck. Comfortable, cheeky, stays put, and you don’t need a chiropractor after wearing one all day. Yes please.

Combine the flattering, unique & secure designs with vibrant signature prints (pictured above), and you’ve got one heck of a line that I would definitely like one of in each style…and print, por favor. But if I could chose just a few, it would be the Hotel Chanetelas bottoms in black and the Barra Dela Cruz in Grande Pescado.

Kelly, thanks for quitting your job, traveling the world surfing, and starting your own line. If only we all had the guts to do the same.

Available online at kali.co.nz

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