Kate Davis Jewelry. Win some.

If you love being under the sea, and spend a bunch of time diving around the world, then decide to teach yourself how to make an awesome line of jewelry based on all this submerged in salt water inspiration…well then, you my dear, must be Kate Davis. Who has one heck of an amazing jewelry line.

Kate Davis Jewelry, based in Charleston, SC, is inspired by her passion for diving, marine biology, and all things Ocean. Take one glance at the vibrant colors & refined yet organic style of each handcrafted by Kate herself piece, and yeah this gal knows the sea. I think some fish wish they could wear some.

Well, here’s the good news.

Kate (the designer) The Bikini Fox (the retailer) and I (the blogger) are teaming up to giveaway, not one, not two, but EIGHT bracelets. See that Luau happening on my wrist in the pic above? Yup, that whole set could be yours. It’s gorgeous. I wish I could win it.

Here’s how to enter:

1: Like Kate Davis Jewelry, The Bikini Fox and Goldfish Kiss on Facebook, then like the pic (posted above) on any of our pages.


2: Follow @KateDavisJewelry @TheBikiniFox and @Goldfish_Kiss on Instagram. Then post a pic of where you’d wear these bracelets, or what you’d wear them with, with the hashtag #KATEDAVISFOXYKISS

Winner shall be announced in a week. Ready, go…

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