Seafoam. Goldfish Kiss X Kate Davis.

Here’s a collection of jewelry I am rather excited about. The colors, the versatility, the opals, and how it just screams I LOVE THE WATER…It’s pretty amazing how it all came together.

Goldfish Kiss X Kate Davis Jewelry ‘SeaFoam” Is here. Yup. We teamed up again, and it’s pretty darn sweet.

This collection has been in the works for over a year now. Yes a year. Which is pretty sweet because it all ended up the way it was supposed to be – Full of blues, inspired by the ocean and it’s colors, and totally wearable anywhere to any occasion. Especially any outings to the beach. Or a wedding. Or just an outing to costco.

It’s hard to have a favorite piece, but If I had to pick some highlights, the Tahaa Leather bracelet (with Vitamin Sea on it) makes me smile, the Bleu Threads are drop dead gorgeous (pun intended) The Paua Wave Collar is one of a kind, and I haven’t taken off my cuff ring in two months. Except to surf. OK, I love th anklet too. It’s just all so cool. 

Really, all credit goes to Kate. It’s amazing to see what she comes up with. I just chime in with colors and decisions, and random ideas. It’s fun. It’s unique, It’s full of shades of my favorite color and place to be. And I think when you look at it all, it’s pretty obvious two ocean loving ladies are behind these jewels.

Hope you love it as much as we do. And it makes you want to love the ocean a little bit more too.

Now go check it out.

Goldfish Kiss X Kate Davis Seafoam 

Kate Davis Jewelry // @katedavisjewelry 

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