Kauai Journal

Well, before I hit the two-month after a trip mark, here’s a bunch of pics from out Kauai trip…almost two months ago. Better late than never. And hey when it comes to Hawaii, I love any excuse to share a ton of pics. It’s like I get to mentally travel back for a few moments.

So, on that note, let me mentally travel back for a few moments…

There’s something about that first step outside when you smell the air that says, “welcome back my friend.” It’s just a great way to set the tone for the trip.

It was gorgeous, fun, relaxing, and filled with lots of flowers, beach runs, coconut trees, sunrises (a perk of traveling with a jet legged 3-year-old) and ocean time. The weather was nice, the sunsets were soul food, and even though it was pretty darn cold (for Hawaii) and we got a little bit skunked in the surf department, we still scored some fun waves and even an uncrowded session in Hanalei.

The coffee was strong, I’m pretty sure I ate poke almost every day, and (gasp) I even got caught up on some sleep.

Levi was a total blast this year. He officially is all in about anything – his world is getting bigger and he’s soaking it all up with an exuberance I constantly admire. Let’s just say we make friends wherever he goes. And he’s quite the ice breaker. And has some great cannonball form. I think he might be a goofy footer too. Just like his mama.

The trip was basically the calm before the pick-up our life and relocate again the storm. And the timing couldn’t have been better.

It was great to forget about all the changes coming, and just relax, be in a place I love, surrounded by people I love, smelling scents I love, and soaking up all there is to love about this magical place.

I also really really LOVE that I’m just one flight away now too. It’s crazy how many flights there are from Seattle to Hawaii. Praise the Lord.

Hope you like the pics. I took a ton, it was hard narrowing them down to a postable amount.

A hui hou, Hawai. See you again soon. We shall see which island it’ll be…

I need to update this (I update it after my trip each year) but here’s my l’il Kauai travel guide too. Fun times.


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