Messy knotted low pony


My hair is juuust long enough to start doing messy ponytail styles again. Particularly of the knotted variety. This makes life so much easier. And fun when I forget a hair tie. It also makes me look like I am much better at dong hair than I actually am. 

Like this low knotted messy pony for example. 

So here’s a double knot low pony. It takes about a minute to do. I even stopped and spontaneously put my hair in one this morning when I was out and about without getting a hand cramp. It’s that easy. 

I tried to recreate this style. which I’ve been admiring from a far for a while. So yeah, this is my take on it. 

Apologies if the directions make little to no sense. Hopefully the pics above help

Basically you tie your hair on two knots, first knot = the hair you’d use to pull your sides back, then while still holding that hair that’s in a knot, grab the rest of your hair, tie it in a knot, then secure it all into a low ponytail. 

Ok, here’s another attempt at directions. 

 • Grab the top section of you hair – like you are going to pull your sides back or something. One half in each hand. 

• Cross one side over the other, and tie in a knot. Yup.just a single knot. 

• Keep a hold of the ends of the hair you just put in a knot, and grab the rest of your hair from one side in that hand, and the rest of your hair from the other in the other hand. So you will now have all your hair on both hands. (Sorry I missed a section in my pic, but grabbed it a second after.)

• Cross one side over the other, and tie in a knot. 

• Secure into a low ponytail with a hair tie. (Mine looks loose but don’t worry it stayed in just fine all day)

• Feel free to loosen it up a little, and pull some hair out around your face.

Cheers to being knotty. 

And puns.

And of course. to messy hair. 


Shirt = Mother X Miranda. Hair = air dried with some salt spray and coconut oil on the ends. And I can’t remember when I washed it last…

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