Koko Kenya. Yeah, this is pretty sweet.


There are really cool companies. Then, there are really cool companies that help provide jobs for people, which helps them send their kids to school, which has helped to empower a group of women and artisans, which has helped to make their gorgeous works and stories available to us across the globe…and if you think about it…has really made this world a better place.

Such is the case with a rather stellar company, called Koko Kenya.

After visiting and working in Kenya for some time, Emily Dryer started Koko Kenya in 2012. She was inspired by all the handmade products that embodied the essence of the region and culture…and therefore was inspired to bring these artisans’ stories to the rest of the world. Which she is doing. And it’s really doing a ton of good.

…And we’re not talking by just making our feet, outfits, and even our pups total head turners. Which the sandals, kikoys, accessories, dog collars and leashes totally do. Trust me, they are all stunners. Kili is a big fan of the Kilifi collection. I am a big fan of the sandals and beach towels. 

Ok, aside from being gorgeous, Koko Kenya is helping to change people’s lives. Jobs are being made, skills are being taught, kids are being fed, Schools are being funded.

High five to all involved. 

**For details and a more thorough explanation on Koko Kenya, click over and read their about page.

Pictured above: Kikoy Towel, Lewa – Bajuni Sandals …and Kili attempting to model her Kilifi collar and leash

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