Feeling fruity. Again.


We’re back! La luna Rose X Goldfish Kiss. Round deux.

Rosie of La Luna Rose and I teemed up again to bring another round of her unique neon glass hand beaded jewelry to your wrist…and ears. In tropical fruity form.

This time the bracelets are easier to put on and have tasseled ends for a little boho accent. (Which makes me kind of want to hold my hands out like this all the time.) We brought back last years best sellers, the watermelon and papaya, and added a kiwi to the mix. High five.

And yes, those are watermelon studs. They rock. 

Everything does. In it’s own juicy way. And totally brightens up your day. 

Or wrist.

Or ears. 

So fun.

I’m rocking my kiwi as I type this. and really wish a papaya would magically appear on my lap, since I’m hungry. Or a watermelon. Because you all know how I feel about watermelon. 


Available only at goldfishkissgoods.com (USA) and La Luna Rose (AUS)

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