Lanai. Oh My.

My husband and I hopped on an Island Air puddle-jumper for a weekend of catamarans, diving, relaxation at it’s finest, and no tv’s, computers or driving…all on the beautiful lsland of Lanai.

Yeah, now might be a good time to promote the TriLanai…prizes my mom and I won when we competed back in October covered everything on this trip but the airfare (…and a few Limoncello-Basil cocktails at the Four Seasons. I splurged). My mom happens to be in Colorado and is beyond generous, so we exchanged some prizes. She got a pair of Olukai sandals, I got a weekend on Lanai. Thanks mom.

In short, start training. Any of the TriLanai events have train-like-Rocky-Balboa-inspiring prizes. Also, any excuse you can make to get to the island is a valid one. 

A few highlights are pictured above.

1: Having a heart to heart with an Octopus. We later figured out a new bracelet design.

2: Hulopo’e Beach. 

3: Passed out after diving on the front net of the Trilogy Catamaran in what will now be known as one of the best naps of my life. 

4: The Four Seasons beach set up. Bravo.

5: Having a staring contest with a Bird of Paradise

6: Sleeping under the palm trees. (Might I add those sunglasses were also a prize.)

Lanai, not gonna lie. You were just what I needed. I MIGHT just need to do that triathlon again.

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