Free Spa Day

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Whenever I set foot on Lanikai beach, I don’t know if I am walking on sand or baby powder. The sand is soft, white, and makes me instantly want to roll around in it like a dog. I once read about some Brazilian supermodel who said she kept her skin super smooth by scrubbing her skin with sand whenever she was at the beach. So, in an attempt to one day perhaps look like a Brazilian supermodel (ok, more like embark on the impossible quest), whenever I go to Lanikai, I treat myself to a free spa treatment. The only thing missing is cucumber mint water.

I plop my bum down in the sand right where the waves just broke, grab two handfuls of the Lanikai wonder powder, and scrub-a-dub every dead skin cell off of my body. Feels amazing, and usually one or two people walking by will ask me what the heck I am doing, then sit down and join in on the pampering while I learn their life story.

After diving into the ocean to rinse off the sand, I’ve got smooth-as-butter skin, ready for some good ol’ SPF.

It’s free, scenic, and I feel like I did when I was a kid (with skin that resembles that age, too). Just another reminder that the best things in life really are free.

Foldover bikini bottoms by Indah.

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