Rain, Snow, or Shine


May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. It’s just a gorgeous, fragrant day I look forward to each year, and I look forward to checking out people’s creations. Even though my lei making abilities are nothing to brag about, and even though today’s weather was the polar opposite of Hawaii’s, I was determined to make a lei. So yeah, the one pictured above might not seem that special, but if you know the story behind it, it kind of makes it seem otherwise. Or at least relatively amusing…

I woke up today and it was a balmy 34 degrees out.

However, the lady whose place we are renting apparently planted a rhododendron tree in our front yard. It bloomed last week, and the insane wind we had conveniently blew off a bunch of blossoms. 

There. I had some flowers I could use that I didn’t have to buy.

So, while Levi napped today, I put off work for a bit and I did the following:

Went outside, confirmed my neighborhood crazy lady status, and filled up a bag with as many of the aforementioned blown off rhododendron blooms…while wearing my slippers, tropical print leggings and aloha print raincoat. 

Went inside, grabbed a cup of coffee, and put a little spoonful of coconut oil in it. A little coconut sugar too. 

Went upstairs to our bedroom, and turned on my Slack Key guitar Pandora station. 

Turned on the space heater in our bedroom. Full blast.

And made a lei.

…while it started to snow outside. 

Big fluffy flakes. While stringing little purple flowers. 


Happy Lei Day.

Rain, snow or shine, I say spread some aloha, and figure out a way to make one.

*Read up about the History of Lei Day here. // *And if you want to check out some seriously breathtaking lei creations, do yourself a favor and check out Meleana_Hawaii and Ocean_Dreamerr

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