Letarte. Le Sweet.

About 10 years ago, in a little beach side bungalow on Maui, the first Letarte bikini was sold. About three weeks ago, I put my first piece on, paddled out, and understood what all the fuss was about. Not only is this line flirty, fun and undeniably stylin’. These suckers are durable, and stay put in the water. It’s time we all thank the blonde backbone of this iconic line, the Letarte sisters.

Lisa and Michelle, the designer and el presidente, make a rather stellar team. Over 50 suits have appeared in the SI Swimsuit Issue (example: pics above), they have not 1 but now 2 signature retail stores (Maui and Nantucket), are sold worldwide, and have branched out to include clothing, shoes, and skincare. Whatever bungalow they started all these shenanigans in, should be a landmark, if it still exists.

These gals also know how to make a head turn. Simply chick out the Handcuffs, Seychelles, and of course, my personal fave, the Skull Chain bikini. Trademarked prints, unique touches, great fabric, sturdy construction… yup, Letarte is oh-so-Letasty.

Lisa and Michelle, thanks for giving me yet another reason to book a trip to Maui, and also a great company for all of us bikini addicts out there to admire.

Letarte • 24 Baldwin Avenue • Paia, Hawaii  96779

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