Just my arm, full of some

Just my arm, full of some simple yet super sentimental, stuff.

Black pearl banglesThat remind me of all my friends in Hawaii.

A shell bracelet – That our landlord gave me when we moved away from Oahu

My Koa wood bangle – That’s one of my all time favorite/most worn bracelets

And some new ink – That I designed. It’s simple. It’s super symbolic. I might’ve gotten a little choked up when it was finished. 

…then there’s the duo of some mom jeans and the perfect grey tee I’m living in too. High five.

More posts/getting back in my groove soon. Promise. Just am almost done drowning in our sea of cardboard boxes and unorganized chaos. Moving and getting settled in isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Haven’t lost Levi in a moving box yet, (which he loves hiding in) so I’ve got that going for me. Life is fun. 

Yay tattoos. 

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