Quick Messy Updo

I must admit, I am having fun figuring out how to style a lob these days. With just a few strategic sections and twists of hair, I am actually knowing like I know how to do stuff other than a top knot. All credit goes to those itty bitty clear hair rubber bands, a few bobby pins, dry shampoo, and my lack of ever wanting to wash my hair. 

Alas, here’s the latest twisted messy lob updo. Which (I promise) took under five minutes. 


Note: Hair should be dirty of gritty. Don’t wash your hair, or just use dry shampoo, surf spray, a little coconut oil, workout and don’t shower after…you get the point. If you need product recs, let me know.

(Hopefully my pics above clarify, if not here’s an attempt at instructions.) 

Tools: those little small clear hair rubber bands, and some bobby pins.

•  Take the hair at the top of the crown of your head and put in in a pony tail. Be sure to leave some of the sides out. 

• Pull the ponytail through going from front to back, and therefore making a loop’d pony, or whatever it’s called.

• Now, grab the section of hair right at the nape of your neck, and put that in a second, low pony tail. Be sure to leave hair on the sides out. This side hair is crucial to this actually looking cool.

• Loop de loop that second ponytail. *Be sure to leave the end of the top ponytail underneath this one. 

• Now, take the hair that’s left out on one side of the top looped pony tail, and pin it underneath the opposite side. (So you will cross it over the ponytail and pin it under the the twist on the opposite side.)

• Repeat on the other side, crossing the side hair over, and pinning under neath the roll on the other side.

• Now, take the hair on one side of the bottom looped ponytail, and pin the ends underneath the hair that’s pinned above the low looped pony. 

…wow this is sounding confusing. Thank goodness for pics. 

• Ok, final side section of hair: take the bottom side hair you left out, along with the end of that bottom looped ponytail…and pin it up underneath the pinned section of hair underneath it. 

• All hair should be accounted for and pinned looped or tied somewhere. 

• Finally, go in and mess it all up, aka pull and loosen all the ponytails, pins and twisted sections. This is what makes it look cool. 

• Pull out some hair in front to frame your face, and tuck in any loose ends, or leave them popping out. Both look cool.


Another quick and easy (until I actually try to verbally explain it, but if you look at the pics…or if I ever get my act in gear and make a video…you will see it is in fact, easy) lob friendly, do. 

High five. Enjoy being a beautiful mess. 

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