Loopy Braids

Well, my hair is officially long enough to do some loopy braids. Aka a ‘do I’ve had my eye on for a while, but haven’t had enough real estate in the hair department to pull it off. Good news: They’re easy, they make me look like I have way more hair than I really do, and I’ve worn them three days in a row. Which means I must share some instructions. 

First off: This pic of James Michelle started my fascination. Mad props to you and you hair stylist Jamie. Hair goals. Major hair goals.

Secondly: Here’s my attempt at directions. Just in case the pics above don’t easily illustrate how to make them. 

Tools: those little tiny clear rubber bands.

• Divide hair in half, you know, like you are going to do braids or pigtails, etc. 

• Grab one side and put into a low loose pigtail. 

• Make it a loopy pigtail by pulling the hair apart and pulling the pony tail through. Pull it through from the front to the back. 

• Make another ponytail about 3 inched below your looped pigtail. Then go ahead and loop that one. 

• Repeat this process all the way down your hair. In my case this was just two. In some people’s case, it might be five or so. 

• Now the fun part. Go in and pull them all apart and mess them up. Don’t be shy. This is what makes it look like you have a ton of hair. 

• Repeat everything on the other side. 

• Pull a few sections of hair out to frame your face. 


Full, fun, easy loopy braids, at your service. 

More hair tutorials + looks aqui.

…and here’s one more pic. Just for kicks.

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