Sleep. Wear.


Since it’s that time of year when skivves and sleepwear are in the spotlight. Let’s talk about ‘em a bit. 

Raise your hand if you like uncomfy sleepwear you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing outside of the house (or in a pic on the internet) …Bueller? …Bueller? Now, raise your hand if you like soft as buttah stuff that you’d get compliments on if you happen to leave the house wearing it? Yup. Lots of hands raised. Even though I can’t see them. Because this is a blog post and I’m talking hypothetically.

My point. I think you’d love Lunya.

Lunya = sleepwear for the modern woman. Aka goods that a lady (like myself) would wear to the bed, beach, coffee, pair with comfy jeans, or just hang at home on a lazy weekend. It’s flat seamed, simple, beautifully draped, and made from this organic bamboo cotton that’s so delicious I’d want to bathe in it. It also somehow makes you feel put together and sexy, without trying. If that makes sense. 

Picture deets: I’m wearing the Siro Bralette (great under blousey tops, yet also doesn’t dig or move when you sleep, Siro Sleep Top (über comfy, off the shoulder, slightly open back tee), and the Siro Sleep brief (I live in these. And don’t worry, I put on shorts or pants when I leave the house.) 

The line is just a cool concept. And you know, if it makes me be somewhat stylish in bed, or feel better about myself for leaving the house wearing something I slept in. Well, I say bravo to that. // Instagram //Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest

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