Oh Mai Goodness

This one is for anyone who wishes they could wear a bikini as underwear year round. Or already does. Say Hello to Mai Underwear. It’s underwear you can wear to the beach. Or, a bikini you can wear to a job interview (you know, underneath clothes of course.) However you want to look at it, I’m a fan.

The line is buttery soft and seamless, and I can honestly say I’ve worn it every single day (in some shape or form) since they sent me some stuff to try out. The bodysuits are comfy and flattering, the bralettes make my deflated B-flat mom boobs happy, and the underwear is just as comfy and cheeky as my favorite bikinis. 

I’m a big fan of the bodysuit (someone on their Instagram said they body surfed in it all day and it was great. I’ll have to try that next), and the everyday bottom and top. It’s seriously some of the comfiest underwear I’ve ever owned…and gone for a swim in too.  

It’s also the only underwear I’ve ever danced around in at the beach. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for some new underwear, give it a shot. You might be saying oh Mai goodness, and dancing around in your underwear in public too. Or just staying really really comfy at home.  Your call. 

**Enjoy 15% off a purchase with the code GFK15 over at maiunderwear.com

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